The Pacific Institute

– a global water think tank that studies the Salton Sea.

California Dept. Of Water Resources

– supports water management at the Sea.

US Fish & Wildlife

- manages and protects the Sonny Bono National Wildlife Refuge at the Salton Sea.

California Audubon Society

– educational programs and information about birds at the Salton Sea.

California Natural Resources Agency

– protecting state resources by implementing policy for restoration efforts under the Salton Sea Management Program.

USGS Salton Sea Science Office

– independent liaison and scientific resource for decision makers engaged in restoration planning at the Salton Sea.

Salton Sea Task Force

– action team appointed by former Governor Brown to identify realistic short & medium goals to respond to environmental threats at the Sea.

Salton Sea Authority

– a coalition of stakeholders developing plans for restoration at the Sea.

The Ecomedia Compass

- non-profit organization with a mission to “Save Our Sea”.

Salton Sea Community Outreach Education & Engagement (COEE)

– community based coalition designed to educate and engage residents about the current state of the Sea.

California Dept. Fish & Wildlife

– studies and manages restoration efforts at the Sea, including the recent Salton Sea Species Conservation Habitat (SCH) Project.

The Desert Sun

– most comprehensive news source for the Salton Sea.

Imperial Irrigation District

- the largest land and water rights stakeholder at the Sea.

US Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region

– manages water deliveries of the Colorado River for Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, and California.

USC Study May 2019

– Highlights the environmental threat at the Sea and increasing potential risks to the health of children in the region.